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We have provided you with some Q&A that can assist you in your process of applying for our program. If you have already submitted an application, we ask that you read any correspondence that we have already sent to you along with this Q&A.

"What is Fill Their Arms?"
Fill Their Arms is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization which serves as a fundraising platform for infertile couples who wish to obtain personalized support as they raise the funds that are needed in their efforts toward parenthood.

"What can Fill Their Arms do for me?"

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, there are no percentage fees or financial penalties with Fill Their Arms and we will support you along the entire process as you raise the funds that are needed in your efforts toward parenthood. Our testimonials prove that this approach is crucial to the success of fundraising and we are proud to assist in making parenthood possible for couples nationwide. We can assist you in providing you with advertisement and personalized assistance as you to navigate throughout the process of raising the funds that you need as you pursue parenthood. Your efforts may consist of fertility treatments, adoption expenses, surrogacy, legal fees, etc. When you complete an application process with us, we will provide you with the following services:

* Design and advertisement of your story on our web and promotional materials.

* Access to our Tools for Families portal to attract donations on your behalf.

* A copy of our newest publication, FTA's Guide to Fundraising.

* Legal services for recipients who reside in California and are pursuing adoption.

* Subscription to our electronic newsletter, Making Parenthood Possible.

* Publicity and tools to keep your community support system updated as to the progress of your financial goal.

* Enabled capability to obtain electronic donations.

* A copy of our curriculum, Link Arms - A Support Group Facilitator's Manual upon the closing of your case with us.

* Ongoing personalized support throughout your membership with us from our friendly qualified staff.

"I want Fill Their Arms to send me the money I need to pay for my fertility treatments / adoption / surrogacy."

Fill Their Arms is not a grant. If you are looking for a grant, Fill Their Arms is not the program for you. If you are desire, we can assist you in finding a resource that fits your needs and we provide this service free of charge. Simply write to us at and our qualified staff will respond to you in approximately 1-2 weeks after receiving your inquiry.

"I want to apply for Fill Their Arms's program. Where do I start?"
After reviewing the Q&A on this page, you should submit an application. If you meet our eligibility criterion, you may become a recipient of our program. Applications will be reviewed by a committee based on financial hardship, medical need/diagnosis, extenuating circumstances and the following criterion:

- You and your spouse must both be at least 21 years old.

- You and/or your spouse must have an infertility diagnosis from a physician. (This requirement does not apply to those who are pursuing adoption.)

- You and your spouse must intend to use your donations toward the cost of your efforts toward parenthood. This includes any expenses needed for adoption process, fertility treatments, legal fees, etc.

- Complete an application online. (Only one application is needed per couple.)

- Submit a $40.00 administrative application processing fee at the time of your application submittal. (This fee is nonrefundable.) You may do this either through our secure online server.

"Why do I have to pay an application processing fee in order to apply with Fill Their Arms?"

Fill Their Arms is a nonprofit organization which funds itself with the earned income that is received from the application processing fees. We rely on this income in order to sustain our ability to run the programs and services we render. Because infertility tends to place such a significant strain on couples, we only request a one-time application processing fee of $30.00. Please note that while this fee covers the processing of your application, all of the additional services which are provided to you are free. In the unlikely event that you are deemed ineligible, you will be promptly reimbursed your application fee in full.

"I just submitted an application for the program. What is the next step?"
After submitting an application, you will hear back from our staff within approximately 1-2 weeks. At this point, you will be given instructions on how to select a sponsor as well as instructions on how to complete your application process.

"What is the Featured Family program?"
After you are deemed eligible and have become a recipient of our program, you may or may not be chosen for our Featured Family program. If you are chosen to be a Featured Family, your story and photo will be advertised on our public website, promotional materials, and social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This will not only increase your exposure but will encourage more donations on your behalf. If you are not chosen as a Featured Family, your story will only be put into a password protected page; your contributors will be able to access your page once you give them the username and password which we will supply to you.

We thoughtfully consider each application we receive. In our Featured Family program, we are looking for couples who are open to helping us promote infertility awareness by allowing us to share their story. We receive many applications from deserving couples. In order to select the couples whom we will feature, we consider a range of factors such as extent of financial need, length of history with infertility, losses (i.e. miscarriage[s], failed adoption[s], etc.), and unique circumstances.

"What is a fundraiser letter?"

A fundraiser request letter is a letter that your sponsor will create and send out to your support system which implores for contributions on your behalf. Go here to view an example fundraiser letter.

"I'm not comfortable asking my family and friends for money."
You do not have to ask your family or friends for any money and our program does not ask that you do so. This is where it is important to have a strong sponsor who will reach out on your behalf, inform your support system as to your needs and challenges, thus motivating the contributions. It is also important to realize that it may be necessary for your sponsor to host fundraising events; this is where your community can also participate in supporting you. Upon acceptance into our program, you will receive a publication which will guide you as you go through this process. You and your sponsor will find that the experience is richly rewarding and we hope you will get a sense of accomplishment as you assist your sponsor in actively promoting infertility awareness!

"How do I go about finding a sponsor?"
There are certain things to look for once you are ready to recruit a sponsor and we are here to assist you along the way. Our friendly staff is here to provide you with personalized support and this service is FREE to you after you have completed your application process with us. If you desire, we can set you up in a recipient mentor; as well, we will be supplying you with our valuable publication, Tips for Finding a Great Sponsor.

"My spouse and I want to become recipients but we don't want to ask anyone to sponsor us. Is this okay?"

In order for your contacts and support system to contribute toward your efforts, they need to first be invited to do so and this is where your sponsor comes in. If you do not want to have a sponsor, you may choose to sponsor yourself.

"How will our contributors donate?"

Because people may differ in how they desire to contribute, we recommend that you accommodate your support system according to their preferences. They may choose to donate via check, cash, or electronically. (You may need to set up a PayPal account. Questions? Call 888-221-1161.) You will receive donation instructions which your sponsor will include in the fundraiser letters; these instructions will prompt your contributors to visit your story on the web and donate accordingly.

"How will our contributors know how close we are to our goal?"
We encourage you to allow us to include a donation tracker in your story that we publish for you. This is one of the many FREE tools that we offer to our recipients; this is accessible to you via our Tools for Families portal. A donation tracker is a great way to keep your support system informed as to the progress of your financial goal. As your donation tracker is updated, your contributors will see how far away you are from your goal and will be motivated to get you closer to that goal. Go here to see an example of how your donation tracker may look.

​"How long will it take to meet our financial goal?"

Once your registration has been completed, it is recommended that you give your community and support system a 3 calendar month period to assist you in meeting your goal. If the goal is not met within your timeline, you will be given the option to extend your donation deadline with us.

"How will the donations work with our taxes?"
Fill Their Arms is a 501 (c) (3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization; all donations made directly to Fill Their Arms are 100% tax deductible. For family specific donations, we recommend that you contact your tax accountant or other qualified professional to get the regulations and allowances pertaining to your jurisdiction.

"What if our sponsor has questions?"

We provide to our recipients, FTA's Guide to Fundraising, a FREE publication. We would like to encourage you to refer your sponsor to this guide in all of their fundraising efforts. If you or your sponsor need additional assistance, please contact us at info@filltheirarmscom and our friendly qualified staff will be happy to assist you.

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